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Atlanta International School

November 16


Dear Nancy,

Thank you for the wonderful presentations you made to our parents.

I was helping in car pool on the first morning back after our Fall Break and a previously garroulous Mother drove up and said, 'out' to her children, and then 'lunch box' to a distracted child, and then looked at me and said 'Nancy Samalin', before she drove off. You really made an impression talking about the need for clear, directed communication, during the general evening presentation! There were so many valuable pointers you touched on and it was lovely to see our very diverse community united in their appreciation of your wisdom.

Several parents have said how approachable they found you and how refreshing it was to have a parenting expert talk with a grace and humor that inspired them to improve their parenting techniques, rather than just feel guilty about them. I know that within the more intimate setting of the adolescent workshop, parents also felt your natural empathy and insight was quite remarkable and all came away richer for the morning with you.

It was a great pleasure for me to finally meet you after all our telephonic planning together, and I hope that our paths cross again soon.

With my thanks once more and best wishes,

(Primary School Counselor)


Copyright 2005 Nancy Samalin


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