I remember that workshop [took his first workshop in 1985 when children were 1 & 4 and still meets with Nancy] and when I "caught on" to what you were teaching. You had a remarkable impact on my life as a parent, and thus as a person.

Eli H, an NYC father

"On behalf of Common Ground Speaker Series, please accept our sincere thanks for three phenomenal talks. Since our Series was founded almost nine years ago, we have hosted the “best and brightest” voices in parent education and we now definitely count you among them!"

Barbara Dake and Faye Star, Common Ground

"You are the epitome of grace, ease and professionalism. The parents were absolutely gob-smacked by your presentation. Berkeley Carroll parents can be a "tough room" and you completely won them over with your charm, humor and incredible insight."

Theresa Greenleaf, Berkeley Carroll

"I just wanted to share with you, back when my son was about 3 (he is 16 now) a friend referred me to your books. I remember reading your advice about saying, "Let me think about it" rather than "no" to avoid waffling, endless whining and attempts to negotiate. I want you to know, all these years later, that this has been the most meaningful basic and practical bit of parenting and teaching (I teach preschools) advice I ever got. When my son was just 3, he would ask for something, and then tell me "You should think about it mommy, okay?" This simple response made him feel respected, and it allowed me the chance to really think about what my answer would be. I often gave him a reason, and I found that he generally respected that I had a reason, and had given his desires some serious consideration. I found, when I did not give a reason why, he generally respected that, knowing from experience that I was respectful about his want of things.

So here I am, with a 16 year old! He still takes no for no, and he is not a difficult argumentative teen. He knows I care deeply about what he wants, and feels he needs, but that the answer may very well me no. As I watch other parents with teens struggle, I feel this one bit of advice has helped to create a respectful relationship with my child, which has carried over to what is considered to be the most difficult time for parents. Thank You Nancy! "

Ellie Thomas

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