Nancy Samalin



Atlanta International School

November 15


Dear Nancy,

Thank you just isn't enough to express how truly grateful I am for your excellent presentation "What To Do When Your Kids Drive You Up the Wall: Positive Discipline that Works." I told our Kids' B.A.S.E. and Little School parents to expect something truly wonderful and they weren't disappointed. They are singing your praises!

Your warm, entertaining style and real life examples really helped to get the message across - it's one that everyone in attendance easily related to. I don't know if you were aware that many of my classroom staff were in the audience also. They now understand why I am such a Nancy Samalin fan.

It was especially nice to meet your husband and kind of him to drive with you and help with the book sales. All in all, it was a great evening.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for being with us on this evening.


Copyright 2005 Nancy Samalin


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