Nancy Samalin



Atlanta International School

November 29


Dear Nancy,

From the moment you agreed to be the keynote speaker for our Maternity Pavilion and Pediatric Unit open house at Somerset Medical Center, I knew the event would be a success. Sure enough, we had the largest turn out of any event ever! Parents came from far and wide to hear your presentation.

In addition, 57 employees attended your afternoon presentation. The audience ranged from first time parents with newborn babies to single parents, parents with teens, and even grandparents. It has been several weeks since you were here and I am still getting phone calls and e-mails from coworkers telling me how much they enjoyed your talk and how much they learned from it.

Nancy, I hope you fully appreciate what an inspiration you are to all who have had the pleasure and privilege of hearing your talks, reading your books and/or articles, listening to your tapes, or attending your workshops. Your lessons will be remembered for years to come. Every hour of every day in every part of the work, there is a child who feels good about him/herself because you gave his/her parents the inspiration to make a difference in their parenting style.

Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of our employees and the members of our community. Please let me know the minute your new book, 100 Timeless Techniques for Raising Terrific Kids is released. We await its release with baited breath.


Copyright 2005 Nancy Samalin


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