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Dear Nancy,

On behalf of the counselors, administrators, faculty, and parents of The Walker School, I thank you for the extraordinary program you presented to us recently. We had high expectations and you surpassed them all. In our quest to present an informative, entertaining program for our parents you satisfied our every desire.

Your gift as a speaker was obvious from the beginning as you engaged the audience with your warm manner and humorous anecdotes. In a humble, graceful way you also made it clear that you were truly an expert on the subject of "parenting." The audience listened carefully to what you had to say and your message was consistent with Walker's philosophy and mission.

The feedback I've received from parents was outstanding. As you know, we really promoted this program and when you get 250-300 parents to come out on a school night, the program better be good. Nobody went home disappointed!

I hope we will be able to have you visit again to present another program. You are a very special speaker and an even more special person. If your future travels bring you to Atlanta and time permits, I welcome you to visit Walker and see you "old friends."

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