Nancy Samalin



Parent Guidance Center

April 16, 1997


Dear Nancy,

On behalf of The Parent Guidance Center, I want to thank you for being an integral part of The Family Expo: A Community Celebration. Your presence, both giving your expert advice and support to parents, and promoting the work of The Parent Guidance Center boosted our organization to a new level of awareness in our community and region.

The feedback I have received has been so positive. Participants loved your address and your workshop. One mother said, "I could have listened to her forever." I heard from others how down-to-earth you are and therefore so easy to relate to. Your confidence and humor came across to everyone. I'm sure you opened the eyes of many parents who would not have otherwise learned by signing up for an extended workshop. We all feel honored to have heard your wisdom.

The Expo was a great success for The PGC. Your kind words of support and endorsement meant a great deal to all of us. The exhibitors I have spoken to so far have responded positively to their own experiences as well. One exhibitor said the best for her was the networking with all the other exhibitors. A lot of information got out and shared, and that was our mission. One father said what a pleasure it was to be there because, "no one was yelling at their kids!"

Nancy, thank you again for your participation and support.


Copyright 2005 Nancy Samalin


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