Nancy Samalin



April 3, 2002

Dear Nancy,

Your presentation on March 19 was a big hit with the PCDS community. The Head of the Lower School, Barbara Heal, praised the program for the way it dealt with basics and specifics. Her constituents are the younger parents, and she said that you covered many of the particular problems they face. Mrs. Heal also noted that she enjoyed the humor in your approach. Headmaster Galen Brewster spoke about the program with superlatives. He asked me to find out when you plan to return in the fall, so that we might set up a morning presentation for parents and an afternoon program for the faculty.

Personally, I found the presentation very informative, enjoyable, and memorable. I think you speak well to the generation of adults who were raised by the “children of the 60s,” and who are looking for advice on how to raise their own children in a world that has changed a great deal since then. The changes, of course, have a lot to do with the values and decisions of the older generation, which includes you and me. Also relevant is that in a young city like Phoenix, most of us live in nuclear families. Our support systems – grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the friends we grew up with – are in other parts of the country. It’s great to have an opportunity to hear from someone, in person, who offers good counsel.

I heard very favorable comments from the All Saints School parents, too. This was our first “joint venture” in organizing a presentation, so I made some fine new friends and really enjoyed sharing the planning.

Thank you for your fine program. We will look forward to hearing from you about your fall travel schedule.



Copyright 2005 Nancy Samalin


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