Nanaimo Family Life Association

Dear Nancy:

The community felt your presence during your stay here in Nanaimo, British Columbia. it seemed like your message of validation, encouragement with your specific hands on approach to parenting was heard by many more people than the packed auditorium could manage. Our phones rang until the last ticket was sold, then the days following your performance we received calls from people wanting more information about Nancy Samalin, as well as calls from people who wanted to personally thank Nanaimo Family Life for bringing you from New York to speak.

The workshop you provided, How To Work With Parents In Groups after your evening presentation, demonstrates your versatility and your enormous energy as you were able to maintain the rigorous schedule required of an Author, Keynote Speaker and Teacher.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you Nancy. The agency joins me in thanking you for your tireless efforts toward the raising of healthy, happy children. We wish you every success in your future engagements.