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March 31st, 2004

Dear Nancy:

Thank you so much for a fantastic keynote address at our annual Parenting Matters Conference. You did an excellent job in conveying very sage parenting advice in a humorous and easily understood manner. The evaluations from participants were overwhelmingly positive, and I had many of them contact me personally with their praises.

As I was with you during the book signing, I heard participants sharing some very sad and frustrating cases with you. You were able to very briefly and succinctly share with them some real tidbits of good, solid information that they could carry away with them. I can only hope that they heed your advice.

Again, thank you for the role that you played in the success of our program. The keynote address could not have been better, the breakout session was very well received, and I know our participants appreciated the extra time that you took to sign books and converse with them.


Marcha E. Weiss

Marcha E. Weiss, RN, MS
Director, Community Health Services

MEW/rzBetter Health

Community Health Services

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