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Encouraging Kids to be More Responsible:

If you want your child to be more independent and responsible, try not to be a "helicopter parent". Don’t do for your child what he* can do for himself. For example, if you’re going to get up early to make breakfast for your school-age or pre-teen son or daughter, make sure he or she appreciates it. Instead of constantly "reminding" your child of what she already knows (remember, reminding is often just a euphemism for nagging!), let consequences teach whenever possible.

Example: Don’t keep reminding her to take her homework. Allow your child to forget her homework. It’s not life-threatening, and allowing the consequences to come from the teacher is usually more helpful than you’re being responsible for what is hers. If you tend to do too much for your child/ren, perhaps a sign on your mirror, "don’t just do something, stand there" would be helpful.

*To avoid saying he or she, his or her, etc. I’ll alternate between the two—clearly this applies to both sexes.

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