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How do I stop my child from demanding everything he sees?

Nobody wants a greedy, insatiable, overly demanding child--but do you know how to stop this kind of behavior? The way to cure the "gimmes" is to know the difference between what our kids need and what they want.

Start distinguishing wants from needs right away. Once you get into the habit of giving your children everything they want--or everything you think they would want if they could talk--it's harder to stop later on.

When it comes to material things, such as your child wanting a shiny helium balloon he sees at the grocery store or begging you for a cookie, the most effective strategy is consistency. Before you even set foot in the store, remind your child of what to expect. Make it a point not to buy toys or junk food at the supermarket, saying, "We're just here to buy groceries."

Bonus tips: Some on-the-spot responses to halt the "gimmes":

• "Why don't you put that on your wish list?"
• "Maybe next time. Not today."
• "Why don't you save up your allowance so you can buy it?"

Nancy Samalin's book, "LOVING WITHOUT SPOILING" offers parents 100 tips on setting loving limits without overindulging your children. Nancy's tips will help you raise responsible, compassionate children--kids who are loved, but not spoiled.

Learn how to:
• Avoid Power Struggles
• Use Positive Discipline
• Develop Sibling Harmony
• Build Self-Esteem
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" These warmly-shared words of advice will enrich your life as well as your parenting skills," says parenting author Vicki Lansky about the book.

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